HTCC in Rabat- the first step

000ASASAs1 3Morocco, Hungary - The first office of HTCC (Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center) was opened in Rabat, Morocco on 15th March 2013.

The founder of the center is Mr. Sándor Balogh, president of the African-Hungarian Union (AHU) The general aim of HTCC is to ensure a network in the countries and regions concerned, which is smaller but has a much faster response time than the old commercial centers.

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Royal Air Maroc to start a through line to Budapest

Royal-Air-MarocMorocco, Hungary – As a result of the Moroccan-Hungarian Business Council proposal, the Moroccan Hungarian diplomatic representation and the Hungarian Honorary Consuls lobbying RAM is surveying the possibility of a through line to Budapest, AfriPORT learnt from Mr. Sándor Balogh, president of the Moroccan-Hungarian Business Council.

This opportunity would highly promote the travels of Hungarian tourists and businessmen as since the fall of MALÉV it is not possible to reach the capital and famous royal towns of Morocco directly, told us Mr. Sándor Balogh after his negotiations in Morocco.

Organized tourist groups also have a problem with their baggage; because of Tap’s tight schedule, passengers get their suitcases only a day later.

The number of tourists arriving in Morocco has halved since the start of the crisis. This year approximately 3000 people have chosen Morocco as their destination.

Hungarian Greengrocers and Fruiterers in Morocco

marokko 2Morocco, Agadir – The Moroccan Export Development Ageny, MarocExport of Hungarian greengrocer and fruiterer companies at the SIFEL International Fair in Agadir.


This is closely connected to the program initiated by the Moroccan-Hungarian Business Council and realized with the help of Moroccan and Hungarian diplomatic representations, which is to stimulate bilateral economic and commercial relations.SIFELis one of the biggest fairs in Morocco, where participants present their products and services to visitors in thousands of square meters.

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Moroccan perspective on Hungary (Part 2)

Hungary, Budapest – It was an extremely busy week but there was time for everything. Tokaj region, Balaton vineyards, Debrecen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, meeting with HITA leaders. The Moroccan journalists will have enough material to write about Hungary. In the first part of our series you could see our photo report, now we are giving you a summary of the visit at the Maghreb Professional Department of BKIK and the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency.

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Moroccan perspective on Hungary (Part 1 – Photo report)

00m1Morocco, Budapest – to get to know a country in a week – some say that it is impossible but the Hungarian organisers who welcomed the Moroccan journalists try it anyway. In the first part of our series presenting the most important stations of this colorful program we are showing you the pictures of their visit at the Maghreb Professional Department of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Journalists from Morocco discover Hungary

000m0Hungary, Budapest – invited by Mr. Sándor Balogh, president of the Hungarian-Moroccan Business Council and with the active participation of the Hungarian Embassy in Rabat and the Maghreb Professional Department of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK) a delegation of journalists, led by Mr. Younes Foudil, arrived in Budapest from Morocco. Their aim is to get to know Hungary and the economic opportunities here.

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Moroccan Women’s National Day

Morocco, Budapest - The proclamation of the 10th of October of every year as "Moroccan Women's National Day" by the highest authorities of the country is a public recognition of the role and position of women. Thanks to their courage and activism, Moroccan women have succeeded in playing positive roles in society by facing challenges head on and breaking taboos standing in their way towards self-fulfillment.

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Day for Moroccan women

Hungary, Budapest - Before talking about Moroccan women, particularly their achievements and challenges, especially during recent decades, I'd like to give an overview of Morocco.

Morocco has been committed, for several decades, to the process of democratization, modernity and equality. At the heart of this challenge stands the question of reducing differences between gender, not only in the legal dimension but also and above all in the political, social, economic and cultural one. These parameters, which are strategic for Morocco of the 21th century, have been the central subject of interest of many actors of the Moroccan civil society.

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