Moroccan perspective on Hungary (Part 2)

Hungary, Budapest – It was an extremely busy week but there was time for everything. Tokaj region, Balaton vineyards, Debrecen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, meeting with HITA leaders. The Moroccan journalists will have enough material to write about Hungary. In the first part of our series you could see our photo report, now we are giving you a summary of the visit at the Maghreb Professional Department of BKIK and the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency.

The main aim of the visit was for the Moroccans to get to know Hungary more deeply. Morocco has about 30 million inhabitants, because of its closeness to Europe they can be a significant partner for us both in the touristic and economic area.


The delegation was welcomed by Mr. Zoltán Kiss, Vice-president and Ms. Helga Szabó, President of the North-African /MAGHREB/ Economic Relations Development Professional Department and Mr. Gábor Petz, associate of the international department. Mr. Zoltán Kiss informed the journalists about the operation of BKIK and its role in developing the business opportunities of small and medium size enterprises in Budapest, as well as about the formation of the international department. (Especially about the North-African Economic Relations Development Professional Department, founded in July 201) Ms. Helga Szabó talked about the cooperation agreement between the Rabat Chamber of Commerce and BKIK that was signed on 21 October 2011, and conferences related to the North-African region held so far: Moroccan Days, the Renaissance of MAGHREB. These discussions presented a perfect occasion for the representatives of Hungarian small and medium size enterprises and the company leaders arriving from the North-African region to start professional negotiations.

At the meeting in the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) the journalists had the possibility to broaden their knowledge about Hungarian development and investment opportunities and got a full picture about the main directions of relationship-building. Although the day was very busy, they had time for a tea and a discussion at the Moroccan Embassy too.

The photos were taken at HITA and at the Embassy.

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