Journalists from Morocco discover Hungary

000m0Hungary, Budapest – invited by Mr. Sándor Balogh, president of the Hungarian-Moroccan Business Council and with the active participation of the Hungarian Embassy in Rabat and the Maghreb Professional Department of the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK) a delegation of journalists, led by Mr. Younes Foudil, arrived in Budapest from Morocco. Their aim is to get to know Hungary and the economic opportunities here.

The delegation went straight to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where they were welcomed by Mr. Szabolcs Takács, Undersecretary for Global Affairs.


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He gave a comprehensive outline of the foreign policy of the Hungarian government, relations with our traditional partners and their development possibilities. He gave full particulars about the reasons for the “opening” and the areas, stressing out the significance of the Mediterranean policy of the European Union, and within this, the role of Hungary. Hungary believes it important in the situation formed by the “Arab Spring” to develop and deepen the political, economic, commercial and cultural relations with the countries of the region.

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In the evening the delegation had a press dinner in Makadám Club. Mr. Sándor Balogh, president of the Hungarian-Moroccan Business Council greeted the guests and expressed his hope that the colorful professional and cultural programs will give the opportunity for the journalists to get a lot of information about Hungary and objective coverage.

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After this, H.E. László Pap, former Ambassador in Rabat talked about the period since the formation of the Hungarian-Moroccan Business Council in December 2010. He reminded that as a result of the cooperation started in Rabat and Morocco, delegations of the Hungarian-Moroccan Business Council and businessmen visited Morocco, had negotiations with government officials and businessmen, took part in exhibitions and other events. Cooperation agreements have been signed that need to be filled with content, and in some areas specific negotiations have already begun. This is the route to be followed so that concrete businesses could be carried out.

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The doyen of the Moroccan delegation, Mr. Jamal Eddine Herradi, the economic journalist for L'Économiste thanked for the invitation hoping that the articles about their visit will help Moroccan people and business circles to get to know Hungary more deeply.



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