Casablanca Finance City (CFC)

Casablanca Finance City (CFC): Best financial Center in the MENA region

On the occasion of the "Middle East Capital Markets Summit and Awards", held On October 29th 2014 in Dubai, the Casablanca Finance City (CFC), received the award for best financial Center in the MENA region in 2014.
The specialized agency of economic information in key areas of African business, Ecofin, declared that this award recognizes and honours the most competitive financial centers. It is a recognition that confirms "the strategic positioning of Casablanca city finance as suitable platform for investors targeting the African market".

Casablanca Finance City is an ambitious Moroccan enterprise aiming at positioning the Moroccan finance regionally and internationally. Its primarily objective is to be a financial center for development of Africa, and in particular the countries of the North Africa region, West and Central Africa.
The aim of Casablanca Finance City is also to be an economic and financial hub and a platform linking the north and south and to attract and encourage international institutions and investors to invest and conduct their activities in North Africa, West and Central Africa choosing Casablanca as gateway to the African Continent. Joomla 3.3 Templates