Business Plans with Morocco

Hungary, Budapest – We will provide Moroccan businessmen with a 1.200 square meter logistic base in Dunaharaszti, so that they can store their products there and conquer not only the Hungarian but also East-European markets from here, said Mr. Sándor Balogh, president of the Moroccan-Hungarian Business Council at a conference where several Hungarian companies were represented, among others CBA and Mirelit Mirsa Plc.

Our company is focusing mainly on Hungarian products, however, from November until May we are unable to ensure the necessary amount of vegetables and fruit from Hungarian sources. This is the time for those resources and possibilities that, for example, Morocco could be. We believe that we can build a bilateral commercial relation with significant vegetable and fruit growers, said Mr. Attila Fodor, spokesperson for CBA.


It is evident that everybody wants to sell but a really profitable relation is bilateral. As I see, there are products, such as strawberry, which is not grown on a large area in Hungary, and what we have is sold on fresh market. Consequently, frozen industry has no sufficient stock, in contrast with Morocco, where we could import from, said Dr. József Losó, president of Mirelit Mirsa Plc. of Albertirsa.

Mr. Larbi Bourbaa, Secretary General of Maroc Export welcomes the intensification of relations between the two countries for two reasons. On the one hand we would like to build bilateral, win-win relations; on the other hand Hungary will serve as a gate that could open the road towards East-Europe and Russia, too. Naturally Morocco can be a similar gate for Hungary towards Africa, so in conclusion we can say that this conference is for building trilateral relations, said the optimistic Secretary General.

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H.E. Dr. Nourdine Benomar and Bethlen József
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Balogh Sándor and Moulay Youssef Alaoui
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Szabó Helga
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Dr.Kozma György külgazdaságért felelős helyettes államtitkár (NGM) , Balogh Sándor az AHU elnöke és Larbi Bourabaa a Maroc Export főtitkára
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